Summon Greek gods to become the last living player!

A chaotic, tactical card game for 2-6 players that takes 5-15 minutes. Perfect for expert gamers, short on time. 

Currently in development.

Know when it launches!

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How to play

Quick setup and games.
Draw cards. Kill your friends. Play again!

Death isn't your end!
Revive, add new win conditions, or get revenge.

High skill, & high chaos!
Experts have the edge, but players can gang up...

Over 100 unique cards!
All of them are overpowered! At the right moment.

No counters, dice, or health tracking.
Just cards!

Choices, not passed turns!
Discard to play cards, or discard to draw extras.

TCG tactics, card game price.
Don't spend hundreds to play competively.

Create unique stories to share with your friends.
Whacky interactions mean your game's story is unique!

Art & graphics are placeholders.

You want a slow build up.
You can lose on turn 1!

You want to preplan your deck and strategy.
You share the deck, and win conditions swing fast.

You hate losing and kingmaking.
Players can gang up to steal back a win.

You're a perfectionist.
You'll have many viable plays.

There's no instagram content... yet!

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